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Carpet Cleaning Services

Professional carpet cleaning services in Ashford Kent


Carpet Cleaning Process

We arrive at the property and establish whether the carpet is wool or synthetic and decide on the products to use and how the machine is setup.  From there the machine is filled with cleaning product, anti-bacterial product and carpet deodoriser.  You can choose from a growing list of fragrances.  Currently we have clean cotton, cherry, apple, tropical, tea tree & mint.  We are continuously adding to this range as well.  All carpets are cleaned using a wet extraction method utilising the anti-bacterial rinse and deodoriser as part of the process.  All products are child and pet friendly.


Domestic Carpet Cleaning
  • Minimum charge for any visit - £25. Services to make up this charge can consist of any of the following service bullet points. 
  • Hall, stairs and landing - £25.
  • Any 2x rooms (12ft x 12ft per room) - £35.
  • Additional rooms - £10 each.
  • Scotch guard carpet protection available – £10 per room, although not necessary.
  • Anti-bacterial and deodoriser is included in the above price. Other companies usually charge extra for this.

Please call us to discuss all rates and anything that isn’t specified above, like rugs, upholstery and other fabrics. 


Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Please call us or use the contact form to discuss your requirements and associated pricing as commercial carpet cleaning quotes generally require a free no obligation quote visit. 

With carpet cleaning in commercial environments where you need the space back quickly, we recommend that work is carried out when the least amount of people\foot traffic are there and give ample time for all the carpets and areas to dry off before allowing staff back on them.  We carry out a lot of work on Friday afternoons and evenings for customers who leave it to dry through a weekend.  Please get in touch to discuss your requirements. 


Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Our advanced carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning services breathe a new lease of life into tired and mucky fabrics.  The chemicals we use lift dirt from your carpets, rugs and any other fabrics that you choose to have cleaned.  Pets and kids are just some of the main issues that carpets face, causing regular spillages and running dirt through your home.  We like to bring your carpets back to life.  You will be surprised what comes out of your carpet during a clean.

We do use a wet cleaning system though, so it is imperative that you give the carpets the chance to dry, with a recommended drying time of 3-10 hours depending on the heat of the room, length of pile on the carpet, air flow and other factors.  The shorter the pile the quicker the drying time.  If you have a particularly long piled carpet or rug, we would recommend cleaning it in the afternoon and leaving it overnight to dry off. 


About Our Service

We have been professionally deep cleaning carpets since 2004, using the highest quality machinery and products to carry out the task.  Our fully qualified team are equipped to handle the dirtiest of tasks, armed with all the carpet cleaning equipment to ensure a professional cleaning job is carried out on every occasion. 

We have built up some great customers with our carpet cleaning services and are always referred and asked back for a revisit.