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Frequently Asked Questions

We began trading in 2004 and was setup by the founder, Angela Bishop. Since then the company traded as a Sole Trader for two years and then became incorporated in 2006, which is when we registered as a Ltd company.

Hourly rates change dependent upon the job in question. Please contact us to discuss the current rates for the type of job that you need carrying out.

We are open from 06:30-18:00 Monday to Friday.  Any work arranged for a weekend or bank holiday is clearly detailed to our cleaners prior to the work commencing and they have a direct contact number that they can call us on if any assistance is required.  Although we are not in the office, we are most definitely on hand if required.  Throughout the week there are back office staff to talk to all the way from 06:30-18:00 on 01233 668 488. 

No. We do not need a contract in place to take on your cleaning requirements. We would rather work with you to build a trustworthy, long standing professional relationship and feel that contracts can sometimes get in the way of this. For this reason, we decided not to go down the contract route.

Providing your pets are safe and will not cause harm to our cleaning team then, yes, of course.  We work for many domestic and even business that have a whole host of regular and exotic pets and we ensure that we ensure that your pets are taken into consideration whilst we are in your property.  If you have any special requests in regards to your pets please email or call one of the team on 01233 668 488 a couple of days before your clean commences.   

Yes just leave a priority list and the girls will work through your list to do as much as possible for you in the time allocated. This way we tailor the clean to suit your needs.

Yes we can recommend a gardener but it may not be possible for him to always be available at the time of your clean.

No, sorry, as we fit you into a round and if the clean ahead of your clean cancels we automatically move your clean forward.

We only clean internal windows but we can recommend external window cleaners.

Yes. We are often asked this as either the client or a family member suffers with allergies.

Yes, that is fine but we strongly recommend you either using a key safe or leaving a spare key with us to avoid an opportunist passing by and finding your key.

We aim to keep the same cleaners but we will need to put a replacement cleaner in your clean if one of your regular cleaners is on holiday or sick leave.

We offer weekly, fortnightly and 4 weekly cleans. For weekly and fortnightly cleans you will have the same cleaners unless one of them is on holiday or sick leave. We cannot guarantee the same cleaners for a 4 weekly clean as you will be fitted in with whatever team is available at the time.

We generally fit you in on a round of two cleaners working together. We work in pairs to minimise the time we spend in your home and it is safety in numbers for our staff.

Yes, this is fine. We often get asked this when clients who are recuperating from an illness or operation or from clients who like to keep busy but can't manage all aspects of cleaning.

Yes. This is a regular request from as it is so time consuming and our clients do not have the time or will to do it themselves.

Yes, we are happy to clean any area you specify.

It all depends how late you cancel or asked for the amendment, if it is 2 days before we generally do not charge. If it is on the day before and the rota work has been carried out, we will charge 50% of your total cleaning cost as there will be admin charges to amend the rota and to move the girls around to ensure they have the hours they need, which can sometimes affect multiple cleaning rounds. If the rota has not been setup then there would be no charge but to be safe, make changes 2 days before. If you try and cancel or amend on the same day as the clean, we would unfortunately have to charge you for the entire cost of the clean as we would have then committed the rota and cleaners would be assigned to that round and guaranteed their working hours for the day. We are very fair though and if you catch it before the rota has been committed then we do not charge. It is best that you cancel or make your amendments at least 2 days before or as soon as you possibly can.

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