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School, University, College and Nursery Cleaning Services

Keeping educational environments hygienically clean in and around Ashford, Kent

However you look at things, the health of children and adolescents is hugely important, as are the environments they are spending their time in whilst studying.  Whether the mini students are running around like crazy in a nursery or play group, have just started school and are eating, studying and playing there or they have grown past that stage and have gone to College or University; we ensure their environments are kept hygienically clean and limit the spread of germs and bacteria. 

Infection control is becoming a top priority for many schools and Colleges in every educational facility where there is a lot of human traffic.  Infection is controlled by using the correct anti-bacterial products to ensure that germs and bacteria are killed during every clean that is carried out. 

As with any School, Boarding School, Nursery, Play Group, College or University, we know that requirements differ from one facility to the next.  We work closely with you to set a detailed agenda that meets every requirement and ticks every box for you – if anything is not possible we will be honest and up front about it.  However, there is very little that we cannot carry out and we aim to train and tailor our cleaners to work in your environment, sending them in with detailed instructions each time they work.  We aim to keep the same cleaning teams consistent but sometimes rotate extra staff so that they also learn the work that is required as resilience for any sickness or annual leave.  We feel this is a very important thing to do as it has shown to significantly improve consistency and efficiency. 

Our cleaning teams are very well trained to deal with these environments and can also be CRB/DBS checked, along with being fully insured to clean for you by South Kent Cleaning.  This protects you, the kids and adolescents attending the educational facilities and our staff.

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