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Professional Office Cleaning

Commercial Office Cleaning in Ashford, Kent

South Kent Cleaning have a vast experience in cleaning commercial offices working with small, large and enterprise businesses throughout Ashford, Kent and the surrounding villages.  Providing staff with a fully functional, clean, office environment has been proven to make for a happier and healthier work force, improving general well-being.  But hey, we are not here to preach, we are sure you know your business inside out.  We are just here to facilitate your office cleaning needs.  

We are fully aware that we will not be able to make loud noise with a hoover in certain areas, at certain times, which is why we look to build a thorough schedule.  We will work closely with whoever is in charge of arranging the cleaning to ensure that our office cleaning service does not disrupt key parts of the business at the wrong times of the day.

Why choose South Kent Cleaning for business office cleaning services? 

  • Large cleaning team, with 35+ staff at any given time.
  • No contracts. We don’t agree with tying customers down to long contracts.  We aim to build a professional relationship over time instead. 
  • All cleaners are fully insured to work for South Kent Cleaning in any office environment. This protects our customers and our staff.
  • Bespoke cleaning schedule to fit around the needs of your business.
  • Staffed office who are there to quickly deal with any requests. Rest assured, we are at the end of a phone when you need to speak to someone. 

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