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Restaurant, Pub/Bar, Nightclub & Hospitality Cleaning Services

Hygienic, Spotless and Sparkling Hospitality Venue Cleaning in and around Ashford, Kent

We provide professional cleaning services for restaurants, pubs and bars in and around Ashford Kent, along with surrounding towns and villages in the local area (within 20 miles).  We know the importance of health, hygiene and that first impression for a customer who walks into anywhere that serves food or drinks.  It doesn’t just have to be clean, it needs to be spotless all over. 

First impressions are everything as well, so if a customer walks in and sees any form of dust or dirt they would likely have already built an impression of the establishment.  We aim to ensure that your customers become accustomed to a very professional level of cleaning and leave happy with the knowledge that your business is clean and safe to eat or drink from. 

We have been doing this since 2004 and have cleaned for clients all through Kent, cleaning not just restaurants and bars but bakeries, café’s, Chinese takeaways, Indian takeaways, pizza shops, fish and chip shops, kebab houses, catering firms prep areas, small and large chef’s kitchens, other food preparation and storage areas, mobile catering firms’ kitchens (in their homes and units), large wedding venues and the kitchens, venue hire temporary food storage areas and much, much more.

We can look to clean to whatever schedule is requested, whether it be weekdays, weekends, day, evening, early morning or through the night.  We are here to try and match your needs as closely as we can and work with you to achieve the cleanest environments for you and your customers.  Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your needs. 

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