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Domestic Cleaning Services

Professional Domestic Cleaning Services in Ashford, Kent

Domestic cleaning is where it all started for South Kent Cleaning.  Our USP’s, our company ethos and the values we hold dear were formed off the back of our domestic cleaning services and the brilliant customers we have met along the way.  It has been quite the journey and we thank you all for helping us raise the bar and understand what our customers truly need from a cleaning company.

Domestic cleaning is still going as strong as it ever has been for us, expanding year on year, servicing hundreds of customers in Ashford, Kent, and the surrounding villages.  The teams range from 2-4 staff depending on the requirements of the clean and the size of the property.  We can send more people if it is needed, but we tend to try and avoid having too many staff in a domestic cleaning environment to ensure that they do not get in each other’s way and cause inefficiencies in the allotted time.

Our staff are experienced in all aspects of cleaning and will treat your home as you would treat it yourself.  We respect your environment and everything in it, from your family members, your furry family members (those lovable pets), through to your memorable items and material objects. 

The team are professional, experienced, trustworthy, friendly, punctual and are trained on the products that they use in your home.  We are happy to take a key and carry out the work whilst you are out of the house, delivering that lovely smelling and clean house feeling as you walk through the door.  Or, on the other hand, we are equally as happy to work in your home whilst you are there.  We will work with you and build trust as part of the relationship that will hopefully form over time. 

Why should you use Helpful Hands for domestic cleaning? 

  • We are a well-established, professional cleaning company that you can trust.
  • Trained teams of staff who are fully insured by the business to work in your home.
  • No contracts. We are confident in the services that we offer and don’t feel the need to tie you into a contract.  If you would, however, prefer a contract then please speak discuss this if you contact us. 
  • All cleaning apparatus and products are included in the overall price.
  • We are a LTD company with a large workforce of over 35+ staff.
  • We have been in business for 17 years within the domestic cleaning market, so you can have confidence that we are not going to disappear overnight.
  • We work for you and with you, to establish your requirements and work around your lives as best we can.

If you would like to speak to one of the team, please contact us via the phone, web form, email or Facebook.